About Minervatech

The name Minervatech comes from Roman Goddess of wisdom ‘Minerva’ and tech relates to technology, Ancient Rome boasted impressive technological feats.Minervatech is formed by Arunesh Dutta with support from few other passionate engineers, who is motivated, determined and whose passion is to use technology and innovate by developing embedded electronics based automation solutions primarily addressing to various areas here in India, which are cost effective for the targeted mass.It focuses primarily on use of Open Source solutions both in terms of Software and Hardware.

Our main objective here is to work for major social problems and focused areas here in India and use our technical skills to impart solution in best possible manner to each and every area which can be technically dealt by us, and it’s our pleasure to grow in such a manner that our work brings about a change in the area and making sure the technical solution so developed reaches to every area in such a manner that it’s cost effective and most importantly user friendly for even those users who doesn’t feel comfortable with electronic devices or using mobile phone.

Apart from being cost effective, the automation products which are mainly developed using embedded electronics and necessary software for fetching data and controlling has to be user friendly for targeted mass, resource efficient and easy to manage and update, with blessings from Goddess Minerva we expect to do best in this area.Do reach us for any queries.

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation – Dean Kamen”

Smart Automation 1.0
Smart Automation 1.0
Status – Refinement Stage [Tested Successfully with early adopters approaching soon to final roll out]
Latest Update - Tested, needed parameters working perfectly fine with early adopters soon to roll out , reported as on 01/09/2020
A cloud based Smart Automation solution

The particular solution is a cloud based Automation Solution where we have developed necessary software running to control controllers,sensors and other electronic components that uses open source technology for both Software and hardware making it cost effective for deployment.The system makes use of low energy embedded electronics and sensors.The system will enable sending and receiving data and controlling the devices as needed.
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