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Automation Solutions

We at Minervatech are a team of engineers developing Automation Solutions using open source technology assure you our innovation will meet your needs with focus and importance on resource utilization, cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance and deployment

Cloud Based Automation Solutions

Minervatech is formed by group of passionate Engineers whose vision is to use Open Source solutions for developing both software and hardware for end users that which are scalable and cost effective.The mentioned solution focuses on Processing end to end data and visualization.The projects can be even customized to meet specific needs.The details of the same are as under:

  1. Makes use of embedded electronics based on Open Source software and hardware
  2. The entire solution is based on open source technology both for software and hardware
  3. Can be used for getting data by use of various data sources like sensors etc and performing actions based on it in multiple areas like homes&offices, fields, aquaculture or aquarium few examples like getting level of water, in fields with different data, monitoring useful data in aquaculture or aquarium like water temperature etc
  4. Can be easily connected to network to send and receive data
  5. The solutions can withstand weather conditions and are designed accordingly like dry,hot or even rain and cold

Feel free to let us know your requirements and areas where we can involve our
automation solution and improve the work.We are happy to discuss on custom requirements or Mobile APP development for multiple resource monitoring.The solution can be totally customized based on needs from making solutions for Smart Home,Smart Offices, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Horticulture and various other areas as needed.

The entire system so developed is quite helpful and user friendly providing both necessary data as collected from various data sources like sensors etc in his/her mobile App and also can be displayed in other mediums like external display. 

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